Welcome to Ashwin Rohit.

Ashwinkumar Rohitkumar Textile Pvt. Ltd was established in 1964 by Mr Pukhraj Raichand. The company is owned and managed by family members and are committed to the company.

We have successfully entered in the fabric trading and manufacturing market long before and since then we have become a prominent name in the Clothing Industry. The company’s portfolio has dealership of mills like ARVIND, BVM, ALOK and many other reputed Mills.

We are a supplier and manufacture of Yarns, Shirting & Suiting Fabric, Hosiery and ready-made Garments.

Flexible and cost effective.

Walkthrough Yarn Dyeing textile machine

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yarn dyeing and Various Material Carriers set new standards in quality, reproducibility and Growth. Which combined with the expertise of our design staff provides the perfect base for a new yarn dyeing.

Our Latest Works

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